Volunteer with NWITP

NWITP is a volunteer run non-profit organization. That means all the people who help run this organization do it because they are passionate about this. There is no financial gain for them. The whole team functions as a loosely organized teams with generic functions of NWITP.

For organizing our efforts, we have divided our teams in following functions:

Communication & Content Team


Silvia Doomra, Rob Taylor, Pooja Tickoo, Krishna Adepalli, Ram Sastry, Rama Mullapudi, Floyd Ngono

Finances & Operations Team


Subhash Dulani, Himanshu Niranjani, Rob Taylor, Nandakishor B

Online Presence/Website Team


Ashish Dhanurkar, Saibaba Talluri, Shahbaz T

Boot Camp Instructors Team


Phani Kumar, Himanshu Niranjani, Nandakishor B, Kamal Agrawal, Rafa Ballesteros

Evangelize NWITP Team


Patrick Gallucci, Rob Taylor,


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