TPM Feb 2014 Expense Report


In our true NWITP tradition, all participants get an email listing all the expenses we did for the boot camp and the money taken in to provide you guys full accounting of the money. At that time they will have the opportunity to ask for the refund of the remaining amount or donate the left over money to our REP preparation funds.


We have done this with all our boot camps where we have taken money from participants. It is our pledge to provide full transparency as we do all this out of our passion to make better PMs. You can always see our prior reports at our webpage. Here is the accounting for our TPM boot camp.

Expense Intake
Breakfast Snacks + Cake  $                          151.00 Eventbrite Signups  $ 3,550.00
Food Day 1 Feb 08  $                          161.00
Food Day 2 Feb 15  $                            80.00
Food Day 3 Feb 16  $                          110.00
Food Day 4 Feb 22  $                          145.00
 $                          647.00
Balance  $ 2,903.00
Refund/Person Ranges from 120-150.
Donated to REP Drive  Asking Participants

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