Cloud Computing 101 and Microsoft Cloud Services fundamentals for Beginners

Cloud Computing 101 and Microsoft Cloud Services fundamentals for Beginners (Level 100)


What is this Boot Camp?

This Boot Camp provides an opportunity to grasp Cloud Computing fundamentals and hands-on exposure to Microsoft Cloud Services for the starters. This not only provides breadth of knowledge about cloud computing but also put you on track to become a Private Cloud computing professional. During this intensive scenario centric Boot Camp, you will have intense lectures and you will practice lab exercises.

What is covered in the Boot Camp?

It includes following seven core skills.

  1. Cloud Computing fundamentals
  2. SaaS, IaaS and Paas
  3. Office 365
  4. Windows Azure
  5. SQL Azure
  6. Building Cloud Applications
  7. Hands-on experience with lots of examples and sample code

Who Should Attend?

Participants should have at least understanding of programing fundamentals, algorithms and some software development experience. This is for IT professionals with programing experience.

When and where is this Boot Camp?

Date: July 23rd to July 25th Mon – Wed

Time: 6:00PM to 9:00PM

Venue: Red West C/1089, Microsoft Redmond Campus

Address: 5600 148th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

What is the cost for this Boot Camp?

Cost: FREE


Why Boot Camp with North West IT Professionals

  • Comprehensive scenario based training program
  • Best in class course material
  • Lots of practice questions during the Boot Camp
  • All students receive a copy of the course presentation
  • Classroom discussions and Q&A sessions


Some FAQ

Q. Can I forward it to my non-Microsoft employee friends?

A. This is open to employees and aspiring to be employees at Microsoft, its customers and Partners. So feel free to forward it to your friends and/or post it on your LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter etc.


Q. Do we need to be there from 6:00 to 9:00 PM each day?

A. Yes, the boot Camp is Mon- Wednesday for one week and will be from 6:00 to 9:000PM. More details are available above

Q. If I register, will I be guaranteed a seat in the Boot Camp?

A. No, once you register at , we will pick top 25 candidates based on prioritization criteria mentioned on the site. We will communicate with all the registrants over email.


Q. What is the prioritization Criteria?

A. Priority criteria include

  • Must have understanding of programing fundamentals and algorithms.
  • Must have a laptop (needed during the boot camp)
  • Must study enough to appear in self-assessment Quizzes during the Boot Camp
  • Commit to be regular & punctual at this 9 hrs. of Boot Camp

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