About Us

NWITP is a Washington State Non-Profit organization and is a registered chapter of WWITP for Greater Seattle area.

Our Mission

It is NWITP’s mission to organize, educate and advocate professional development as a structured framework to make Technology Professionals find support to grow their career and realize their true potential. We strive to break the personal and financial barriers to get quality education, professional training, certification preparation boot camps to advance our members’ professional lives and help them achieve success. We measure our success in how good we are at shaping each person for their dream job/career and to enable and empower them to take destiny in their own hands.

Our History

– Founded in July 2011 and re-organized in February 2014.
– Focused on Education, Experience & Opportunity
– More than 1200 people have taken our various classes
– More than 250 people have taken our PMP Exam Prep

Our Team


kamal and subhash

Please stay tuned as our other volunteers come back from their photo shoot! We have ton of them and we would like to add all of them here.





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