7 Skills to build competitive edge in your Career

IT is a 3 Trillion dollar Industry with 40 million professionals worldwide. Unemployment rate in America is just 3.8% in this sector compared with the national average of 8.3%. There are more than 30,000 open IT position in Washington State.


That is awesome, but technology changes faster than we can learn and 80% of the work that we do today is not what we were trained for in our schools and colleges.


So how do we compete in this environment? What do managers look for when assigning bonus and promotions? How to be on the top my Career track?


An IT professional in America earns $100,000/year and $6.5 million during the career. How do I get my fair share of this and realize my dreams?


What role does Education, Experience and Network play in building my career? We all say work smarter and not harder, but how to do it?


North West IT Professionals Social Mixer is an opportunity to demystify this and explore how you can excel in your career.


At this North West IT Professional Social Mixer we are going to talk about 7 Skills to build competitive edge in your Career. So join us to learn about these core skills and ask questions



Who Should Attend?

Seasoned IT Professionals and aspirants.


Cafe 34 Microsoft Campus, Redmond WA

3720 159th Avenue Northeast, Redmond, WA 98052


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