North West IT professionals (NWITP) is a group of technology professionals ranging from Information executives, IT managers and seasoned IT professionals aspiring to grow their technology careers. NWITP professional group focuses on helping local community members to get a career of their choice. With the goal of professional development for all, the group focuses on providing education, experience and opportunities to realize their true potential. The group organizes series of boot camps, social mixers, garage projects. As a technology professional, you are serious about your professional development and want to be sure you have grounding in all the core concepts in the field, while staying up-to-date on the latest topics and trends. Your foundational skills should include:

  • Continuous learning to be a better at what you do
  • Develop all around soft-skills
  • Develop yourself to be engaging and impactful professional
  • Get the certifications you need to keep up to date


What participants are saying about NWITP boot camps?

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